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 A Jezza top pick Fred Honorable Mention WiFi available Regularly has London brewed beers Brewery tap, may have limited hours

75 Enid Street
London SE16 3RA

 020 7237 9794


Open Fri 5-10; Sat 11-8; Sun 12-6. Closed other days

Keg Taps: 10
Bottles/Cans: c.30

Beers: Brew by Numbers beers only

Nearest Station: London Bridge

Nearest tube: Bermondsey, London Bridge

Excellent brewery tap in a railway arch in the heart of Bermondsey.


The Brew by Numbers tap room is now four arches down from the brewhouse at No 75, and has much more space and seating. Beers (c. 10 keg, c. 30 bottles) continue to be of seriously high quality so the tap room is now in our 'don't miss' category. Due to its popularity and the high quality of its beers the tap room can get extremely busy so go early on Saturday or take advantage of their Friday evening or Sunday afternoon opening to enjoy the tap room at its best. Note that you can buy all beers in thirds, but you'll pay a hefty mark up pro rata, e.g. £4 for two thirds, but £2.50 for one third of the same beer. We don't think that this pricing policy encourages responsible tasting, nor is it particularly fair.

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